Busatte-Tempesta walking path, a beautiful panoramic walk

Are you looking for a nice walking path for you and your family?We can suggest one that will leave you breathless: the Busatte-Tempesta walking path! A path with a stunning lake view, suitable for children as well.


Would you like to see Lake Garda from another viewpoint? Tie your fitness shoes and come with us! we suggest such an outstanding natural path called "the balcony over Lake Garda". It's a walking path perfect for people of all ages.

The Busatte-Tempesta walking path

This excursion starts from Busatte in Torbole and continues toward Tempesta. It is recommendable to park at the Busatte Park in Torbole, from there you can start walking following the walking path signs. The path has been recently builded and is characterized by a 400 step iron staircase overlooking the lake. 

Practical advice, how to get prepared for the walk

The path is not difficult but we want to give you some advice in order to make sure you are 100% prepared: 

  1. equipment: trekking shoes and fitness clothes 
  2. path not recommended for someone who suffer from vertigo 
  3. path not suitable with bicycle, stroller or wheel chair 
  4. better avoiding the coldest and hottest months, ideal spring and autumn months 
  5. not suitable for babies 
  6. bring water and a hat 

Path details:

Total lenght: 11 kilometers 
Total time: 3 hours at an average pace

If you are planning a relaxing and into the nature trip, you cannot miss out this excursion. We have much more suggestions for you, don't hesitate to contact us!


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