Bisse Regattas

Every year on Lake Garda during summer a sport competition with ancient origins is held: we are referring to the Palio delle Bisse “Bandiera del Lago”.


What is a Bissa?

The Bissa is a 10,5m-long boat with a flat hull, which allows less resistence on the water. 

On each Bissa there are 4 rowers that paddle „alla veneta“, which is a technique aimed at combining synchronization, balance and rythm.

It comes directy from the venetian Bissone, an ancient fishing boat.

The history of the Bisse Regattas on Lake Garda

At the time of the Venetian Repubic, between 1405 and 1796, many typical venetian events were replicated on our Lake; among those, the Bisse regatta aroused a lot of interest and raised passion in the citizens. The first regatta on Lake Garda took place in Salò in 1548 to honor the “Clarissimus Provvisore” Stefano Tiepolo. This tradition has reached our times and in 1967 the Lega Bisse del Garda was founded. This partnership coordinates and supervises all the Bisse of Lake Garda and organizes the annual Palio "Bandiera del Lago".

The regattas

Many villages host a regatta: on the lake there are 6 lanes which are 350m long. Each bissa will go down its lane 4 times covering 1400m in total. Usually, the regattas take place in the late afternoon, but some are scheduled in the evening.The teams of the participating villages are distinguished from each other by colour: for example, Torri del Benaco’s colour is green!


the 55th edition of the Palio “Bandiera del Lago”

In 2023 will take place the 55th edition of the Palio “Bandiera del Lago”; save these dates:

03rd June in Portese

10th June in Gardone Riviera

17th June in Peschiera del Garda

01st July in Cisano di Bardolino

08th July in Gargnano

15th July in Torri del Benaco

22nd July in Garda (final)


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