We are sustainable. And you?

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By now a veteran of Ca' del Lago, she will give you some useful advice!

Your stay at Residence Ca 'del Lago is... GREEN! If you care about the health of the world and try to act in harmony with the environment, you're in the right place!

Find out why...

What is the Garda Green Club and why we are part of it

Residence Ca 'del Lago is member of a Club of companies (hotels, campsites, parks and restaurants) that regards Lake Garda as a resource which needs to be protected.  

In 2015 we decided to join this club and adhere to the Garda Green protocol to participate with concrete actions to the conservation of our precious Lake Garda and the environment in general. We are indeed convinced that it is our duty (and of who else?) to preserve the planet so that our and your children can find it unaltered in the future.

What is the Garda Green ecological protocol

The Garda Green protocol provides a series of guidelines (aimed at companies, tourists, institutions and citizens) to be adopted to maintain the quality of the environment and the landscape of the Lake. The protocol may be joined by companies that operate in the field of tourist accommodation, catering, tourism services in general and production of local food and wine products. The reduction of the environmental impact by the companies, but also by the tourists, occurs through a set of good practices and a strong monitoring of energy consumption.

The areas in which we are committed to reducing our ecological footprint are:

  • communication
  • waste and recycling
  • sustainable mobility
  • energy production and supply
  • detergency and water recovery
  • energy efficiency.

Green services

Alongside good practices and cleaner energy production technologies, we also offer some services to make your holiday even more eco-sustainable:

  • charging station for electric cars
  • electric bicycles
  • Garda Green card: the more green services you buy, the more prizes you get.

5 things you can do to help us

We won’t be able to reduce our environmental impact without your support. For this reason, we have identified a list of simple actions that you can implement during your stay to help us protecting Lake Garda and the environment:

  • Recycling: in your apartment you will find instructions for separate collection;
  • Reduce energy consumption: turn off the lights when you leave the room, do not keep doors and windows open with the heating / air conditioning turned on, adjust the thermostat to 20 degrees in winter and 4/5 degrees less than the outside temperature in summer ;
  • Reduce water consumption: favour drinking water from our taps over bottled water;
  • Avoid wasting food;
  • Convince your friends and family: share your experience with them and make them do the same.

Discover more: Garda Green Card


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