New Ponte Tibetano on Lake Garda

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Suspended on Lake Garda waters, try the new Tibetan Bridge in Val Venanza

One of the new attractions of Lake Garda, in Torri del Benaco, is the Tibetan Bridge that connects the locality of Pai di Sopra with Crero, in the middle of  the valley called Val Vanzana. One more opportunity to be outdoors and feel a pinch of adrenaline ... in total safety!

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A trekking route in the middle of nature, ideal for those who want to take a trip with friends or family with children and suitable for any season. The bridge was inaugurated in August 2019, is suspended at a height of nearly 50 meters and is 34 meters long.

A path that allows you to admire a breathtaking panorama at all times, managing to see Malcesine, Riva del Garda, Torbole, Monte Brione and Monte Stivo in the distance. The bridge was created in steel with non-slip grids to ensure the safety of all, at the same time it is possible to experience a little thrill given by the light rocking of the same; a maximum of fifteen people can go up at the same time.

Tibetan bridge, also in mtb

Mountain bikes can also pass over the Tibetan bridge but only pushed by hand. However, a unique opportunity to experience the territory and the new route also on two wheels. In addition to providing a spectacular view, the bridge connects two paths: "Cai 38 and 39" allowing you to walk the "senter de mes" (in our dialect) or "middle path" without interruption from Malcesine to Garda. Until now it was necessary to go down to the lake or go up to San Zeno di Montagna to continue the route, lengthening the path a lot.

How to reach the Tibetan Bridge


There are 3 different options that allow you to reach the Tibetan bridge of Lake Garda.

  1. It is possible to start from the locality of Pai di Sotto, Cai Path n.38, continuing the route walking for about 40 minutes. After enjoying the walk on the bridge, you can go back along the same path, which is partly asphalted and sometimes dirt, immersing yourself in the woods.
  2. It is possible to start directly from Crero, reaching the small town by car and then continuing on foot along the Cai path n.39. Journey time: about 20 minutes on foot.
  3. For those who want a longer excursion, they can start directly from Torri Del Benaco along the Gardesana state road to the north for about 2 kilometers; arrived at the crossroads that goes up to the right you reach the Crero car park. Continue towards the beautiful eighteenth-century church of San Siro to then continue on the dirt road surrounded by olive trees, until you reach the Val Vanzana and the bridge. You can then continue your walk up to San Zeno di Montagna along the CAI path n.38. The return descends towards Albisano through the famous "Sentiero del Pellegrino" until reaching Crero and Torri Del Benaco. This itinerary takes about 3/4 hours.

Practical advice:
- excursion not recommended for those suffering from vertigo
- equipment: trekking shoes
-difficulty: easy

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