Mount Baldo Adventure


You're on Lake Garda and you wake up to a wonderful day. You are not in the mood for a calm day at the beach, you want to move, to change the vacation routine, to add something different. 

If you want to color up your list of 10 things to do on Lake Garda, we really suggest you to plan an excursion on Mount Baldo. 

Boredom is not an option here: our beloved Mount Baldo offers a lot of funny activities that will leave you speechless.

Let's take a look together to the best 5 activities you can do on Mount Baldo:

1. Line cable car from Malcesine to Mount baldo

If the first thing that pops up in your mind is the view of a breathtaking natural landscape, you absolutely have to go up to the top of Mount Baldo with Malcesine's cable car. Wether it's a sunny day or the snow is filling the fields, this is one of the best activities to do if you are spending your vacation around Lake Garda. It is build with some spinning cabins that allow its passengers to fully admire the blue and natural beauty of Lake Garda and Mount Baldo, reaching 1800 meters in a few minutes!

2. Trekking e Nordic Walking

Put your backpack on, grab your packed lunch and start walking! For those wo want to practice trekking or simply make some beautiful walks in the nature, Mount Baldo offers different paths, with various levels of difficulty and lenghts, that will make you walk in wide flowered fields and will offer you amazing lake views. Our Mount Baldo is also the perfect destination for Nordic Walking, a sport that was born as a summer training for cross country skiing, but it is now practiced in every time of the year from people of all ages. A great way to strengthen your muscles!

monteBaldo Trekking

3. Mountain Bike

Another activity you can do on Mount Baldo is mountain bike. You can be an experienced cyclist, or you can just want to ride your bike in the middle of a natural environment, it doesn't matter: there are many funny and relaxing routes that will allow you to ride your bike breathing fresh mountain air. Something perfect for families and friends that want to flow through Baldo's routes hugged by the refreshing wind of its peaks. 


4. Paragliding. 

If you are in the mood for something more extreme, Mount Baldo is one of the favourite destinaton for paragliding fans. Experts and tourists travel from all over the world in order to launch themselves from one of the best spots and admire with wide open eyes the beauty of the landscape, to then land in the dedicated areas along Malcesine's coast. In fact, you must know that Mount Baldo is a perfect area for this kind of sport, thanks to the updrafts that lift hot air, allowing the ones who dive in the landscape to gain altitude and fly. You can do it by yourself or escorted by a trained pilot in complete safety. Want to give it a try?

Monte Baldo Parapendio

5. Winter Sports

Are you starting to see white peaks? On Mount Baldo you can practice a wide variety of winter sports. It is possible to climb on the top from the two sides of the mountain: with Malcesine's line cable car and with the chairlift of Prà Alpesina, to then be able to skii, snowboard, walk along the dedicated pathways with the snowshoes and spend a funny, white day with your loved ones. 


You are probably thinking about which activity to do first, right?
Ask our reception staff or visite the site For more information! 


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