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Autumn foliage: the best places to admire around Lake Garda.

Autumn colours our vegetation with plenty of different shades: yellow, red, orange, brown... The weather gets colder but nature´s colours get warmer.

This wonderful phenomenon is called foliage, an english term that denotes the colour variation of the leafs during the autumn season, mostly in the months of October and November.

There are many places in Italy where to admire this natural and amazing sight, but in this blog we are going to suggest you the ones nearest to Lake Garda.

1. La Rocca di Garda

La Rocca di Garda is a mountainous relief in the South of Garda, a town on the eastern side of the lake. It is reachable hiking, starting from the curch in Via San Bernardo. At the end of the asphalted road it´s enough to just follow the indications for Eremo di San Giorgio. During the fall season the woods surrounding its pathways get warmly coloured and their foliage creates an adventurous and wooded ambience. The route is quite challenging but its end rewards the effort with a view of Lake Garda which is nothing short of spectacular.


2. Parco Giardino Sigurtà

Parco Giardino Sigurtà it´s not a simple park, but a real natural paradise: 60 hectares of gardens that incorporate various species of natural plants and attractions. There is an entry ticket to purchase but the price is totally worth it and reasonable, especially considering the beauty of the main points of interest: the farm, the deer valley, the hermitage, the water gardens, the big lawn, the labirinth, the panoramic walk, the avenue of roses and various dining options.


3. Recoaro Mille

Recoaro is a gorgeous town in the province of Vicenza: a famous tourist destination for winter sports, its thermal baths, and its division situated at the bottom of the Little Dolomites, Recoaro Mille.
The area is roughly a thousand meters above the sea level, a perfect place where to admire a romantic foliage surrounded by the mountainous horizon. We totally suggest the Grandi Alberi path, that brings to the small Lake Creme and then at the Refuge Cesare Battisti through two different routes.


4. Giardino Giusti

If you happen to be hanging around the city of Verona and are in the mood for a Renaissaince surrounding, Giusti Garden is totally worth to visit: a place where nature, art and history converge into a harmonic landscape. Inside this magical place there are some geometric flower-beds, surrounded by rows of cypress trees that lead to Genius Locis' cave, a fountain in red Verona marble and a fascinating hedge maze. Furthermore, you'll be able to find a pathway by the cave that, through the stairs of the tower, will bring you to a viewpoint balcony, with a panoramic view on the city. 


5. Lago Antorno

Next to Misurina Lake, in the area of the Belluno Dolomites, hides the marvelous Antorno Lake. Not only it has a wonderful foliage during autumn, but it also creates an astonishing "mirror effect" above its water surface, perfectly reflecting the landscape that shows the Three Peaks of Lavaredo.
A comfortable chalet is located on the west side of the lake, near to which develop many hiking routes towards the mountains.

What do you think? Are you ready to admire all these amazing and surreal landscapes and its beautiful foliage?
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